This page is not a lot of fun, but we want to make this the most fun conference ever and we want our attendees and non-sponsoring brands to respect the official TxSC sponsoring brands who generously have allowed TxSC to happen in a way that's bigger than ever. Please read. 

Q. What are some guidelines for self-promotion?
A. Nearly all of our attendees will be at TxSC to talk about their own work and interests, including their products, services, arts & crafts, blogs, causes, projects, books, web sites, etc. We kindly suggest that you read the below guidelines. It's important to note that all attendees are held to the same rules barring leafletting and other indiscriminate distribution of materials on behalf of causes, friends, or any non-TxSC sponsoring brand that may have subsidized registration or travel costs. 

Q. Can my brand have a booth or other space at the conference?
A. No. Only official sponsors of TxSC itself receive official sponsorship perks, including dedicated space at our brand experience parties, the ability to host official events (even if they are off-site and outside CAMP TxSC hours), and the privilege of gifting items to our esteemed speakers and attendees. Our sponsorship packages are very reasonable, and we'd be happy to discuss bringing you on a an official sponsor in some capacity. 

Q. As a non-sponsoring brand, how am I allowed to promote my company?
Because "TxSC" and "Texas Style Council" is in the process of being a registered trademark, the use of our name for any unapproved commercial purpose is prohibited. You are encouraged to use the Texas Style Council name and event hashtag to promote the fact that you are attending, to engage in social media conversations with other attendees regarding TxSC event programming and parties, and to write a recap of your experience at TxSC events if you want. However, if your brand is not an official sponsor, you may not use TxSC to promote your own brand or company beyond saying that you attended and how you participated. This means you cannot use our trademarked name or our event hashtag on behalf of any unofficial brands to promote your sales and bottom line. Unauthorized use of the “#TxSC15” or "#CAMPTxSC" for commercial purposes (i.e. sales) extends to other materials, public or private, such as email, printed materials, or in any other form, to promote your brand, including unauthorized giveaways of free items by the brand, unofficial parties for that brand, invitations to attendees on behalf of that brand, etc. If you have any questions about this, please contact Melissa

Q. As a non-sponsoring brand, may I pass out materials at the event?
A. One of the most widespread complaints blog conference attendees report is the distribution unwanted  materials. This has never been a problem in the past for TxSC, and we are dedicated to making sure that continues to be the case. To maintain this precedent, no swag, gifts, or literature from non-sponsoring companies may be distributed within the conference space at the campgrounds, directly or indirectly, regardless of whether the items are branded or not. Such materials will be thrown away if left lying on any surface at any event. You may not stand in common areas to distribute such materials. Gifting and promotion is a perk of being an official sponsor, so we ask that non-sponsoring brands refrain from passing out materials beyond their own personal business cards. 

Q. Can I wear clothes that are branded with my brand's information?
A. This is not a problem, but keep in mind that our attendees tend to dress on-trend as personal style is a major component to a lot of our attendees' blogs. Our brand experience party is themed as Khaki Cool. A branded t-shirt or logo baseball cap would likely be out of place. 

Q. Can I host a private party for my brand?
A. No. All spaces on site will be held for official conference events only. You also may not tweet or publicly ask attendees to meet you a common area or any other on-site space to get sponsored items, swag, etc. If you are throwing an event off-site, we ask that you do not use the words "Texas Style Council", "CAMP", or "TxSC" and that it not fall on or between March 19-22, 2015.

Q. So, what is permissible?
Networking is the heart and soul of our TxSC events, and we're excited you're attending! Our attendees tend to use the traditional business card to exchange information and this year we are implementing an all-camp business card exchange. You may include your brand's information on your own business cards.

For clarification: You may include brand information on your contact materials, that you would exchange in the normal course of networking. You may not pass out brand materials (like postcards or brochures or catalogs).

We are not interested in policing individual one-on-one organic conversations. We are committed to protecting the investment of the official sponsors who make the TxSC one of the most affordable multi-day social media conferences out there. We prohibit the unethical practices commonly known in the events industry as suitcasing and outboarding (defined). 

Q. What should I do if I witness an unofficial brand violating the above guidelines?
A. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant and rewarding experience for all attendees. Should you witness a violation of the above guidelines, please reach out to a TxSC staff member at our registration desk. Any reports will be kept anonymous. TxSC Staff will attempt to independently verify any complaint before taking action.

Any questions? Contact us