Five Questions With // Megan Silianoff

                               Megan on blog / instagram / twitter / pinterest

                               Megan on blog / instagram / twitter / pinterest

Megan Silianoff is a writer and blogger based in Houston, Texas. In addition to publishing her memoir in 2013 and blogging at Greetings from Texas, Megan offers consulting on social media strategy and copywriting and speaking at conferences and companies such as Facebook and Alt Summit (and TxSC, this is her second year speaking!).

Now that you’ve “met” Megan, let’s get to the know her even better. And say hi if you see her this weekend, she is just as witty as her writing suggests!


Q: Who is inspiring you right now? Or, who is your long term muse?

A: I have a lot of “muses” for different things but I’ll answer in regards to fashion. The Olsen Twins always are always interesting, skinny, and well clothed. Olsens Anonymous is one of my blogroll staples.

Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno is my other fashion go-to. Every time I see Brandi either on her blog or in real life I'd like to immediately switch outfits.


Q: What’s one subject you’d like to learn but have never touched?

Art. I want to get into art. Like, straight up art history course style. My current knowledge level is the same as Lisa Turtle (Saved by the Bell) when she famously said,  "What is art? Are we art? Is art, art?”  But I want to get well versed in the subject and eventually have paintings in my home and be able to recognize a Picasso, for example, when I see one. Or just be able to name another painter besides Picasso really.


Q: If you could have coffee with anyone tomorrow, who would it be and what would you talk about?

A: Judd Apatow. I’d try and sell him my screenplay. If that didn’t work I guess I’d settle for a Judd/Megan selfie…and maybe Jonah Hill’s phone number.


Q: What is your favorite drink to order at a bar? (Selfishly asking this question since I never know what to order!)

Being the good Wisconsin girl that I am, I love an Old Fashioned but you have to be at the right bar. Either somewhere classy that knows what they’re doing or just anywhere in the cheese state. That said, if I’m looking to get particularly rowdy or do a bit of binge drinking, I’ll go *RBV all night long. (And then typically vom the next day.)

*RBV = Red Bull + Vodka.


Q: What is #1 on your wish list right now?

Have you seen these GINORMOUS beanbag chairs on Amazon?  You can get them up to 8 feet long which is completely ridiculous in the best possible way. Macy is starting to jump out her crib on the regular and I’m thinking a mammoth beanbag is a more fun option than a toddler bed. Either that, or a Chanel bag, and Mace can just sleep on the floor.



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