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Instagram? More like Instaglam.

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Did you know we're on Instagram? It's true! Find us under TxSC. We'll start documenting the conference prep here shortly, and better yet, during our busy weekend, the wonderful and talented Michelle Pimm (@StylewriterATX) will be manning er, womanning the account. We'll be holding some Instagram contests, so be sure to connect with us on Instagram immediately! 

Don't know what to wear?

Haven't a clue what to wear in Austin in August? No sweat. Well... that's probably not true. There will be lots of sweat. Sorry. (And double sorry to Jentine, our sweet Canadian who probably hasn't experienced heat like this... ever). If August 2013 is like any other August in Austin it's going to be over 100º (no, this is not hyperbole). So if you need help figuring out what to wear in Austin in August, we've got you covered. Our staff is pinning outfits that will keep you cool, comfortable, and Austin-cute. 

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