Food in Austin > Food EVERYWHERE

We are so lucky we are going to have Honest Tea and KIND Snacks at Texas Style Council this year. Truly lucky! Both are brands that are committed to serving real, all natural food. It's a huge bonus that they've both perfected products that aren't just healthy, but taste so damn good.

While you're stuffing your face with tea and delicious bars, though, you should be mapping out where you're going to eat your full meals. Let us help you with that.  


Jo's Coffee

Two words: Breakfast tacos.  Texas is known for having amazing breakfast tacos, and Austin ranks very high (if not #1) on the breakfast taco list. Jo's Coffee not only serves amazing coffee, but they also serve delicious breakfast tacos. Stop by for some coffee and tacos - your tummy will be pleased.

Austin is known for having some great coffee shops, and we could go on for days about all the great shops and why they're great. From the brews to the views, we can't get enough. Doesn't matter if it's hot outside - you'll be hard pressed to find a coffee shop that doesn't serve awesome iced coffee! If you don't go to Jo's, go to Austin Java and try the Honeynut Latte. This drink is to DIE FOR. It tastes exactly like those Ferrero Rocher candies. Unless, you start substituting with stuff. Treat yourself to this cup, and don't sub! Not into coffee? We also have great tea at our shops.  


If you're looking for something faster, but packed with nutrition - head to Daily Juice to indulge in some amazing, fresh, energizing juices and smoothies. They even have green smoothies! Yay, fiber!



2nd Street District has a ton of options, guys. Austin Java has more than just breakfast - they have great lunch, too! Salads, sandwiches, wraps - you name it. Get something light so you're not tired and ready to enter a food coma while you're trying to retain information at the conference.  Fuel your body and move on! Check out Bar Chi for some great sushi, and Leaf for made-to-order salads.


We are super close to Coal Vines, an incredible pizza place! This is perfect if you're all going out together. Get a huge pizza, share it, and know you're eating fresh ingredients. If you're craving BBQ, then Lambert's is the place to go. Asian food? Bar Chi or Mama Fu's. We highly recommend any of these places!


Whatever you decide to do - whether that's stocking up on food from our flagship Whole Foods, or hitting every food truck in town - make sure you eat. We don't provide meals, and we have always wanted you to go out and explore the city.  Again, keep your lunches on the lighter/more energizing side. The food in Austin is crazy good, so don't miss out.