What to wear for...

The Whole Time

I think a large bag, or cute backpack is ideal the whole time (except for prom). You guys are going to be getting swag, you may want to change, and it's just better to have room to put things. Don't come in with a backpack/bag already filled with stuff. Empty it out each night and come with an empty bag.

The Swap

This is your first impression, ladies. Wear something that truly represents your style and your personality. Photos will be taken like crazy the whole conference, but the most will be taken the first day! The Swap is one of our favorite events - so make sure you're dressed to impress!

Saturday - Daytime

There is a lot of learning, so stick with something comfortable and casual during the day! Also, something "cool" since it's typically scorching hot weather on Saturdays, especially. I know, you're thinking - "oh, I'm from California, I can totally take the heat." Three words: No. You can't. So, between walking from class to class, the shop tours, and going out to get lunch and explore - you want to be dressed on the breezy side. Check out our Pinterest for suggestions on what to wear in Austin in August. Minnetonka's Moccosins would come in handy at this time - PERFECT shoes for walking around in!

Saturday - Evening

Prom time! Prom is from 7pm to midnight. You'll have from 4pm to 7pm to get ready, so that should be plenty of time! The dress code is cocktail attire and I can't express how freaking excited we are for this, and to see what everyone is dressed in! Again, feel free to explore our Pinterest for some cute prom options (and to get an idea of what to wear!).


Sunday is casual, but go for something that's mostly "wrinkle-free" since there will be a lot of sitting and learning involved! Wrinkles in fabric are caused by heat and water...meaning: if you're sitting on your sweaty ass all day, you're gonna get wrinkles in what you're wearing. So, if you're not wearing any fabric that's wrinkle resistant, at least go for white, or patterned fabrics. Solid colors will be the most obvious.  


Hope this helps in your packing list! Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions regarding what to wear any day!