Bizness Cardz - Get some!

Have you ordered your business cards for Texas Style Council? I certainly hope so! This is a huge networking opportunity, so we want to make sure you're prepared and give you a reminder about ordering business cards (and some extra help!).  

Now that we are a little less than a month out, it's best to order them at least two weeks out. This gives you time for shipping and you get to knock something off your list a little early.  

How many you should order

I'd order at least 100.  

Some rules about effective business cards

  • Pictures/Logos are everything.
  • Make it consistent with your branding.
  • Make sure the information is correct!
  • Keep it down to just the details (no need to list your fax number or a backup email address).
  • Make it unique - We are in a VERY creative industry, keep that in mind. 
  • Don't just hand it over! Doesn't matter how cool your card is - if you aren't making a good impression, no one will keep your card. People keep cards when it belongs to a person they want to connect with in the future! So, MAKE AN IMPRESSION. You all are going to meet hundreds of other women - stand out before you hand out.

Where you can get your cards is a favorite. They have sleek, modern styles, and a ton of options.

They have cute, mini cards:  


And they have a "luxe" line, with cute quotes, and again - great design. These will run about $105 for 150 cards. It is quality card stock, and the luxe line allows you to choose a color for the edge. 


Another online store I like is My biggest reason for loving them is they have square business cards! They are a lot more affordable ($36 for 150 cards), but the design isn't as great as Moo, and they have less options. But! You can still produce amazing cards if you know a designer since you can custom order on this site as well. 


If you're going to "go all out" when you order cards - I recommend getting something custom AND stunning looking. Etsy has a ton of options, but my favorite has to be the letterpress designs some people come up with. Letterpressing is a process of literally pressing in your type/design with a huge..."letterpress" that you normally build yourself. It's a lot of work, but the result is amazing. This is the most expensive route, but go big or go home!

 Keep in mind, you usually need to place your order within two weeks! 

Wondering how you can possibly store all these cards? Look at this cute idea, from  

Hope this gives you a pretty good start on how you should choose some business cards! Can't wait to see what you bring!