Cast Your Votes Now!

The superlative awards at Texas Style Council is basically the most prestigious type of award in every industry in existence. Okay, that's not true, but it's incredibly fun to vote for people, right?!

Right now you get to vote for "Best Blogger" and "Best Pals" and it takes literally seconds to vote.  

At the conference, you get to continue the voting fun by giving more people a chance to win...including yourself! Yes, you get to nominate yourself when you vote. :-) 

Need help figuring out who to vote for? We have you covered. For a list of attendees, just visit this page and browse around.  

To cast your EARLY votes, go here and vote now! Again, there is more voting at the conference, since we have awards like "Best Dancer" and "Best Treasure Hunter."  But right now, for the early voting...we need your votes.   Who do you think should win "Best Pals" or "Most Stylish Blogger?"

Get those votes in now!