Meet our guest blogger, Noemi!

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    Noemi is a sweet soul, whom we have the honor of having as a guest blogger. She has some great stuff coming your way - so look out! Tweet her a hello when you get a chance! @glamorous_noemi

    What got you interested in fashion/style?

    I was drawn to drawing dresses on paper as a kid and loved looking at fashion magazines as a teenager (and still do!).  I would make collages of models and even dabbled a little in modeling.  My interests and skills have naturally developed through the years by experimenting with different styles and finding my own.  I also have a natural eye for beauty.

    Who is your celebrity doppelganger?  

    Some people say I look Audrey Hepburn-ish (a petite one).  That always makes me smile 

    Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.

    Thus far, getting my Bachelor’s degree at UT and traveling abroad to Oxford for one summer and doing a study program.

    If you could have one talent, and be amazing at it, what would it be?

    To sew like a professional seamstress and make elegant, tailored dresses for petite women like myself.

    Where do you tell your out-of-town friends to go when they visit Austin?

    The capitol, South Congress shops/eateries, the drag—very Austin-y places.

    Your mother and grandmother aside, who is the most inspirational woman to you and why? If you are only inspired by your mother, tell me why.

    The most inspirational woman is Audrey Hepburn.  Even though she was a big movie star, she didn’t let it go to her head.  She was a private person who was modest, professional and kind.  Aside from her elegance and grace, what I admire most about her was her tireless work as an ambassador for UNICEF – those photos with her and the children showed true compassion and care.

    Tell me more about yourself! Your hobbies, your day, your future, your family

    I am currently working on a Master’s degree, and I love learning new things in general!  One of my interests is learning languages.  I also like traveling, reading, writing, taking walks and I am almost always listening to music.  I love my family—my mom, sisters and nieces and my team—San Antonio Spurs.