Meet Sara Funduk, of CourseCraft!

Sara Funduk, the Co-Founder of CourseCraft shares her inspiration and CourseCraft's creation. We are so happy that CourseCraft is sponsoring Texas Style Council this year! It only made sense that we had the best e-course platform out there for Summer School, but we truly believe they have a LOT to offer any blogger or business owner out there.  Essentially, we all are teachers in some aspect, and we can offer our knowledge in a forum that everyone can learn on. CourseCraft is perfect for that. Enjoy Sara's interview with Jeneba below!


How did you come up with CourseCraft?

I've always been a big fan of e-learning! I've participated in more e-courses than I can count, everything from abstract painting to creative writing. I love that I can learn almost anything on my own time and at my own pace, whether that means working through an entire course in an afternoon or finding a little time each night before bed. Interacting directly with the instructor and sharing my experiences with fellow participants is also something that really motivates to me. When I started looking into creating an e-course of my own I realized that it wasn't quite as simple as I thought. Most courses that I took were run through a password protected blog. The complexity and cost of setting up a shopping cart, figuring out where to store and how to play videos, making it secure and designing the look of the site quickly become overwhelming. There were other e-course sites out there, but they seemed to be targeted at people who wanted to take an e-course, not make one. There was always a huge application process and unreasonably high fees. I created CourseCraft, along with my husband, because I think anyone should be able to make an e-course. With CourseCraft there's no application process, no upfront costs, and no coding required -- We want it to be fun and easy to create an e-course!

What inspires you?

It inspires me to see artists and entrepreneurs sharing their hard-earned knowledge with others. It inspires me to see someone who was rejected from one of the big e-course sites because there was "no market" for their course making their own cash with CourseCraft. I love being a part of this thriving online community of creative women (and men) who are carving a career path for themselves using their blogs.

What is your favorite thing about Austin?

I've actually never been to Austin! Maybe I should plan a visit during one of our frigid Canadian winters here. :)

Do you have any favorite bloggers/lady business owners? If so, who?

Omg yes, too many to name them all! Here are few of the people I love:

Stephanie from Fairground Media

Erin from Art Social

Amanda from Wit and Whistle