Interview with Elizabeth & Heather, from Macy's!

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Elizabeth Senk, Media Relations and Cause Marketing Manager & Heather Hannan, Media Manager of Macy’s, tells us a bit about working at the well-known department store and their favorite things about Austin.  It’s exciting to have the iconic chain represented at the Texas Style Council conference!


What does a typical workday look like for you?
The beauty of retail is there IS no typical workday. Whether its preparing for a One Day Sale, creating trend forecasts or hosting fashion shows and celebrity appearances, Macy's is constantly changing the shopping landscape in our stores to create a unique and exciting environment for our customers to shop.

Are there any TxSC classes you're looking forward to?
We are looking forward to all the classes TxSC has to offer this year.  As a first-time participant and sponsor, Macy's team is enthusiastic and ready to learn from this amazing gathering of bloggers.

In 3 words, describe the company
Iconic, Innovative and Fashionable

What is your favorite thing about Austin?
The Queso of course!

Do you have any favorite bloggers? If so, who are they?
Each blogger provides a unique perspective, so to report a "favorite" isn't quite possible. Ask us again after the conference; we may have a different response as this list of those bloggers attending looks nothing less than fabulous.