Staff Sponsor Picks, Part 3!

Jess's Favorites


I (Jess) love our sponsors so so so much! It was nearly impossible for me to be short with my "favorites" list, and I wanted to keep it diverse. I even chose a baby item from Fashion Loves People, but I don't care!!! I don't have children, but those pillows ARE SO CUTE and would look awesome on my large, vintage vanity table chair. Anyway, check out my favorites - hope you see something you like!


Ikat Clutch from Purse & Clutch, Organic Eagle cushion/doll from Fashion Loves People, Comet Shorts from Crowned Bird, Circus by Same Edelman heels from Macy's, and SABIC Square Statement Necklace from Son of a Sailor.

Check out all of our sponsors here - there are so many great services and products they have to offer! All were chosen to meet your needs and desires. :)