Meet Jessica Kausen, from Squarespace!

Noemi (Intellectual Fashionista) interviews Jessica Kausen, from Squarespace. Enjoy! 

Squarespace is a cool platform that allows a wide variety of people to build their own website with step-by-step instruction.  They also have a pretty awesome Texas Style Council contest going on right now, with an amazing grand prize. Jessica Kausen, Events Coordinator for Squarespace, talks about what her typical workday is like, what she likes most about her job, and shares who her favorite bloggers are. We are BEYOND thrilled that Squarespace is our Presenting Sponsor...they have a LOT in store for you ladies! While you're at Texas Style Council this year, make sure you make it a point to meet Jessica! She loves Squarespace almost as much as we do. ;-)

jk profilepiccropped.jpeg

What does a typical workday look like for you?
Most of my days are spent on the road, as I travel around the globe in the name of Squarespace.  I manage all of our event sponsorships, so a day can be anything from back to back calls regarding sponsorship requests to attending a concert at a music festival or demoing Squarespace to a packed ballroom at a number of different conferences.  I love the variety!

What is your favorite part of this industry?
The nice thing about Squarespace is that the product can be used by such a wide range of people, so I get to meet a huge cross section of folks on the road. I've met musicians, designers, architects, crafters, photographers, psychotherapists, biochemists, veterinarians, and developers – just to name a few.


In 3 words, describe your company.
All in one.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
I'm a big fan of the husband-and-wife duo Kevin and Jamie at Ann Street Studio (formerly From Me To You). The ladies at Heavy Browsing keep me laughing, and Devon Craig Johnson keeps me informed on all the music I should be listening to.