Interview with Julie Sutton-McGurk of 2nd Street!

Julie Sutton-McGurk, Retail Marketing Manager of 2nd Street District, shares with us why 2nd Street is one of the coolest places in town, what her typical day is like and gives us the scoop on her favorite bloggers. We feel incredibly thankful that we have sponsors willing to give so much insight into not just their companies, but their lives! Julie is someone you’d brag about meeting when you went back home – so make sure to chat it up with this wonderful woman! For now, enjoy this interview, courtesy of Noemi, of Intellectual Fashionista


Julie, and her daughter, Jane Scarlett (how great is that name, btw??) 

Julie, and her daughter, Jane Scarlett (how great is that name, btw??) 

In 3 words, describe 2nd Street

Eclectic, Community-minded, BestofAustin (That’s cool if I make up a word, right?).

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Well, first it takes a lot of coffee to spread the rad.  My day is spent making friends and encouraging growth. Usually that means a lot of collaboration, fleshing out ideas, and strategizing with people significantly smarter than I. Proposals, contracts, ad campaigns, social media, budgets… you know the words to this song. I probably spend too much time correcting grammatical errors, but that’s mainly in my head as people are talking to me.

What do you love most about Austin?

I moved back to Austin after a decade in NYC because of its warmth. Not the triple digit kind, but rather the live and let live attitude of the people.


What are some of your absolute favorite things to do (personally) in 2nd street?

I love to eat, and am a sucker for a great glass of wine, so that’s covered. But, I can’t lie. It’s difficult to NOT SHOP as I talk to our tenants. I get all my gifts here… especially those for myself. I also get a real jolt from our events.  Knowing that our business owners are doing so much to contribute to the city is tremendously gratifying.


Do you have any favorite bloggers? If so, who are they?

Erin Williamson from Jenny Andrews from MyFavoriteandMyBest. Jenny Komenda from Little Green Notebook. Anna Beth Chao from, and Jamie Meares from That’s the cool kids’ table.