Get to know Jeneba!

Jeneba Wint, the editor and founder of Haute & Styled , is someone you should know. She's smart, loves fashion, and is a new mom! She is a woman who wears many hats - from being a stylist to a writer, she can do it all. If you're wondering what you should wear to Texas Style Council and to the Prom...she's your girl. Make sure you introduce yourself to her in August!

Enjoy her interview! 




What got you interested in fashion/style? 

I have always been interested in fashion and style and have been putting together outfits since I was about 7. In high school I was a trendsetter and made alot of my own clothes and thrifted alot, collecting designer and one-of-a kind pieces. Some of my favorite things in my wardrobe I've collected from my mom,aunts, and grandma,  and my travels.

Tell me about the best party you've ever been to. 

The best party I have ever been to was the summer of 07 in Sobe Miami with all my girls, VIP, celebrities, and lots of champagne and other choice beverages!

Tell me about your greatest accomplishment. 

My greatest accomplishment is starting a family of my own. I married my best friend three years ago and had my first baby (naturally,  no epidural or csection) this past weekend. Cheers!

If you could have one talent, and be amazing at it, what would it be?

I would love to be a singer! I think a beautiful voice is everything!

What is the most embarrassing musician you've ever listened to?

Most embarrassing musician I've listened to is The Olsen Twins music back when I was like 10. 

Do you still listen to them? 

Absolutely not. 

Where do you tell your out-of-town friends to go when they visit Austin? 

Since I'm not from Texas and still pretty new, I'm not the best tour guide. I tell them they have to go to Barton Springs, San Marcos, vintage clothing and furniture shopping, and get some great bbq.

Who is the most inspirational woman to you and why?

My greatest inspiration is my mother because she is the most hardest working woman I know and has made so many sacrifices for me to be here today.  I owe so much to her for what I have been able to accomplish and experience. If I could only be half the mother she was I would be happy.

Tell me more about yourself! Your hobbies, your day, your future, your family.

I am a world traveler, a dreamer, a writer, and a stylist. I am mostly self taught in what I a doing today in life, as I went to school to be an urban planner, getting a masters degree from Ohio State University. I wish I knew then what I know now, which is nothing in life can satisfy you more then pursuing your passions. I take culture very seriously and I am african and Caribbean ethnic mix My family, culture, and traditions, are everything to me. As you already know, I love fashion and style and I am continuing to pursue a career in fashion and wardrobe styling, blogging and style writing, as well as a becoming a fashion personality! My goal is to archive one of these by age 30, making them all my profession instead of hobbies.