Rare Opportunity: Help One of Our Teachers Plan

Hey Ladies!

We have a wonderful speaker, Merl Kinzie, teaching a class: "Purchasing with a Purpose" with Janette of Fashion Loves People. Like all great speakers, Merl wants to make sure the class is perfectly tailored to your needs and wants everyone to walk away feeling well-informed.

Check out Merl's post on her blog, asking the rest of us if we can give her some GREAT feedback about topics she can address. This is an INCREDIBLY rare opportunity for you ladies. You have the chance to voice what you want addressed during a lesson at a CONFERENCE.

Please read her post today and shoot her an email with feedback about what you'd love to see in this lesson. Here is what the Purchasing with a Purpose class will be like:  

Ethical, eco-friendly, fair trade, socially responsible... these have all become buzz words after the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, causing many consumers to question and alter their own shopping habits. Janette and Merl will lead a lively discussion on conscientious consumerism. Is it possible? Who's making guilt-free goods? Who are the worst offenders?

For your convenience, here is her post:

Not gonna lie, I debated for a solid 3 minutes about whether a ‘Merl does Dallas.. err Austin’ title, but ultimately deemed it unprofessional. Which is why I waited until the body of the post to share my 14 year old humor with you. Moving past the inappropriate jokes, the fact remains that I will be a semi melted puddle in Austin come August 2nd. Why the h-e-double hockey sticks would I want to visit ANYWHERE in Texas in a month other than January? Because Indiana asked me to. And because while some equate it to a dog whistle, I love to hear the sound of my own voice. Especially when it pertains to making smarter, greener consumer choices.

For those still confused, I will again be speaking at the Texas Style Council on a panel titled “Purchasing with Purpose” with the very talented and very wise Janette Crawford. My topic last year was similar, but unorganized and I left Austin a bit disappointed in the lost opportunity. I want to make this year a success which is why I’m reaching out to you kittens to do my work for me. Just kidding. Kind of.

Since the goal of this year’s set up is more of a conversation amongst interested parties, less of people talking AT you, I really wanted to gear the talk towards topics or questions you have about being a conscientious consumer.  Janette and myself will obviously engage in a bit of background information concerning ourselves and how we began our own eco conscious journey, as well as some important and pertinent information regarding the history of clothing creation and how vastly different both the manufacturing practices and purchasing methods are today. But the topic of purposeful purchasing can be quite broad, and I want to essentially tailor the presentation to you folks attending. Would you rather learn more about what actually constitutes an eco/morally friendly article of clothing or home good item? What about how to distinguish or how to find these small businesses, artists, or designers? Maybe more of the reasons why you should start your eco diet? Do you just want ALL the information? Janette and myself have similar intentions, but also difference experiences so I’m confident that we can deliver whatever information you cats wanna gobble up.

Leave a comment, shoot me an email or send a carrier pigeon. Because if you don’t.. I’m going to use up the last 30 minutes on stories about my felines. Complete with a slideshow. Of hairballs. You’ve been warned