Staff Picks, Part 1!

The staff pieced together some fun stuff they really enjoy from our sponsors this year. We want to give everyone a chance to see what our sponsors are like so they can get even more excited to meet these people at the conference!  


Linda's Picks


Linda chose a whole outfit from Ruche

This is an outfit I would wear all summer long-- breezy dress, big shades, tiny necklace, and neutral sandals.

She chose the Seaside Getaway Strapless Maxi Dress, Cinema Sunglasses, Matters of the Heart Indie Necklace, and Warm Sands Sandals.

Linda's favorite items from Ruche are absolutely perfect for the Texas weather! Just because it's over a hundred degrees doesn't mean you have to sacrifice great style.  

Kristin's Favorites


Kristin chose her favorite items from a variety of our sponsors. GREAT pieces for both the conference and spending time around Austin!


Kristin chose the Yellow Jade Chimes Necklace from Noonday, the Shore Lines Taupe Maxi Strapless dress from LuLu*s, the Look at Me Short from Langford Market, the Samba Lemon sunglasses from Bonlook, and a High Low Top from Macy's (which is perfect for a night out on the town).

We hope you guys enjoyed these favorites from our staff - there will be more coming up! :) Please check out our sponsors and take advantage of the great products they have to offer. We love them!