Schedule Spotlight: Freshman Orientation!

Don't let the name of this session fool you. Freshman Orientation is a great opportunity to not only learn what goes into creating a great blog or small business, but even if you're not a blogger, it's ideal to know more about a blogger's process. Why? Because according to Forbes, last year, 70% of female bloggers are profitable. It's a very important business that everyone should be aware of. The article also noted the difference between male and female bloggers, which is important:

It should be noted that among the 16 million men bloggers, per Pew Research Center statistics, many men also earn money from their online efforts, but they, collectively, haven’t been as aggressive or profitable as their women counterparts in generating financial support from brands.

You might be telling yourself, "Eh, this doesn't really interest me." Well, if you don't understand how blogging is getting started today (maybe you started in 2002), or if you don't understand what goes into starting a blog - then you won't ever understand the "competition."

Freshman Orientation will have a series of sessions set up like so:

Session One:  

  • A - Gen Ed / HTML 101
  • B - Blog School / Life Blogging 101
  • C - Business School / Social Media for Brands & Bloggers

Session Two:  

  • A - Gen Ed / Freelancing 101
  • B - Gen Ed / iPhoneography 101
  • C - Blog School / Monetization 101

Session Three:  

  • A - Business School / E-Commerce 101
  • B - Gen Ed / Creative Living 101
  • C - Blog School / Self Photography 101

Each session is clearly marked if they are intended for bloggers, business owners, or for anyone (gen ed). Each session is taught by a very well-versed workshop leader that you can't afford to miss. How many times have you heard/asked, "How do you manage a shopping cart? What's the best one?" or "Blogging sounds great, I just don't know how to start/be successful with it." Maybe you're a vet blogger and you're asking, "What's so different now that it's 2013? How can I rev up my current blog?" The Freshman Orientation was built to answer those questions. 

"Okay, so how can I prepare?" 

The best way to be super equipped for Freshman Orientation is with your note-taking materials and whatever you need to stay focused! If you're a new blogger, this is especially a part of the conference you can't miss! If you are an old blogger but you don't get many unique visitors to your page and aren't seeing much fruit come out of your blog - then you need to be at these sessions.  

Take notes, and write down questions. The sessions are interactive, so feel free to ask a question or two in front of the class that you think the other attendees may find relevant as well.

This is another reason why mingling/networking with other attendees is so crucial. You have the opportunity to be surrounded by bloggers who are quite successful in their blog. When the day is over, go back to your notes and start working out ways you can improve your current process.  

If you don't walk out of Freshman Orientation feeling "renewed" and ready to go at your blog or small business with everything you have - then you should have brought some extra coffee!  

Which Class in Freshman Orientation Are You Most Looking Forward To?