Everyone Should Know Kristin...

Kristin Vasquez is on staff at Texas Style Council, making connections, and doing everything she can to make TxSC go off with a bang. I personally believe she's one of the most talented and creative people in the event industry . She's the one who keeps our meetings focused and loves bringing new, fresh ideas to the table. We love her! 


This kills me. 

This kills me. 

What got you interested in fashion/style? 

Teen Magazine. Not because of the super thin models or expensive clothing, but because my friends and I would spend hours looking through them, cutting them up, collaging them and laughing the entire time. 

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? 

 I get a cross between Bryce Howard and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Tell me about the best party you've ever been to. 

 Years ago my parents took me to our neighbor's 40th birthday party. It was a themed party, sort of Sopranos style since the guy was Italian. Everyone was dressed to the nine's with saber tooth chains, big hair, bright make-up, fake gold jewelry and Lee press on nails. People got so into it, the party went on into the early morning, even for us youngsters. It had to be over 15 years ago and they still had a photobooth...so. much. fun. That birthed my obsession with theme parties.

Tell me about your greatest accomplishment. 

 Having my son. After that, helping start the non-profit Music For The City.

If you could have one talent, and be amazing at it, what would it be? 

Singing. Every time I'm at a great show I always daydream about being able to write songs that made people cry and sing and have people actually want to listen.

What is the most embarrassing musician you've ever listened to? Do you still listen to them? 

 Milli Vanilli. Well, tragically no. I have also been to two Phil Collins concerts. 

Where do you tell your out-of-town friends to go when they visit Austin? 

 Barton Springs, Contigo, Uchiko, Torchy's trailer park location, Papi Tino's, Sway...can you tell I like food?!?

Your mother and grandmother aside, who is the most inspirational woman to you and why?  If you are only inspired by your mother, tell me why. 

 Honestly, my mother. I know this can be a contrived answer, but my mother is the perfect example of inspiration. She has Friedriech's Disease, a debilitating illness that has slowly taken away her ability to walk, speak properly and do most things that the average person can do. Yet she has never once played the victim, instead she is the cheerleader to her 3 siblings who have the same genetic disorder, she has given her life to helping others through volunteerism and personal relationships, and has always, always looked on the sunny side even when faced with the knowledge that her personal health will only get worse. Top that Oprah.

Were you voted as anything in High School? If not, what would you have most likely been voted as? 

 I wasnt. Probably would have been voted "Most Likely To Get a Nose Job", um...which I did. Thanks High School!

Tell me more about yourself! Your hobbies, your day, your future, your family. 

 I'm an ex-Californian living very happily in my 5th year in Austin. In past lives I've been an HR Generalist, event planner, started a non-profit here in Austin which helped Austin's creative class give back to those in need, and now I'm a stay-at-home mom to my son, Liam who will be 2 this fall (by far the hardest job I've ever done). I find myself surrounded by other talented, amazing, beautiful women, especially those who have also chosen to stay at home with their children and find creative, alternative ways of providing for their family, and am on my own quest to use my God-given talents in some small way to bring people together, help people connect, and hopefully, somehow, make the world a better place - even if just in my neighborhood.