What to Wear to Prom!

Who else is totally excited about a second (or first or third) chance at prom?! Honestly, any reason to dress fancier than normal is always exciting. Noemi, our guest blogger, let's us know how you can find the perfect outfit for prom at Texas Style Council.  

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 Looking for a fun dress to wear to prom?  I like dressing up, but I also like to be comfortable.  An easy, yet stylish dress to move around in would be the best choice for prom night.  Summertime is the perfect time to wear bright colors and play with different accessories.  

One of the colors that is universally flattering is coral.  Lulu’s has great options for prom dresses.  You can wear it short and sassy: “Angel on Earth Strapless Coral Pink Dress:"

or wear a long and elegant maxi dress:

Turquoise complements coral, so try wearing turquoise accessories or a combination of both!  

Why not add a simple, yet unique black clutch?  Here’s a beautiful one:  

Austin is home to a lot of fun boutiques where you can find just about everything you need for prom.  You can get pampered at Milk and Honey Salon, where they do everything from massages to hair. 2nd St. district is strewn with cute little boutiques where you are sure to find the perfect dress, shoes and accessories!