Everyone, meet Linda.

Linda is spectacular. She is smart, trendy, adorable, and it's officially her third year on staff with Texas Style Council.  I had the pleasure of getting to know her a little better, as well as the rest of the incredible staff. She's an incredibly talented artist, blogger, and has great style. Did I say she's a talented artist? I did? Well, she is. After you read her answers and meet her at the conference...you're going to wish you knew her your whole life.  

Mini Linda. How cute is this? It kills me. 

Mini Linda. How cute is this? It kills me. 

How did you become interested in fashion/style? 

In middle school, I dreamed of being a fashion designer. I would make magazines out of notebook paper and draw mannequins and store layouts and write articles. My line was called "Coalition NYC" and I wanted a store in every borough.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? 

Indiana Adams!

Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.

 My greatest accomplishment is being a college graduate. I'm the only person in my family with a Bachelor's Degree, and I have a Master's Degree, too. My parents immigrated to the United States, and they encouraged me to get a good education.

If you could have one talent, and be amazing at it, what would it be?

 I've always wished I could play piano.

What is the most embarrassing musician you've ever listened to?

Do you still listen to them?

 In high school my best friend and I loved the song "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey. I can still sing it!

Where do you tell your out-of-town friends to go when they visit Austin?

Go to Whole Foods on Lamar, eat pizza at Home Slice, and get ice cream at Amy's.

Were you voted as anything in High School? If not, what would you have most likely been voted as? 

Oh my goodness, that was like fourteen years ago. I think I was on the ballot for Most Artistic. My friend John ended up winning, and I felt happy for him. He drew way better than me.

Tell me more about yourself!

I'm an elementary school teacher. I'm getting married in October! I own a pug though Ron Swanson thinks small dogs are cats.