What is CAMP TxSC?

This year's Texas Style Council Conference's theme is CAMP: Create A Meaningful Presence. There's been a lot of talk about bloggers feeling burnt out, women wanting to live a more creative life, and small business owners wanting to get more wind behind their sails, so we thought what better way to do this than a weekend retreat. This is for any woman who uses social media either as a part of their business or as a blogger. CAMP TxSC is a place where you can rest, recharge, connect, and get refreshed.

What's different this year?

Last year was all glitz and glamour whereas this year is all s'mores and slumber parties. Last year was all about the business of blogging, but this year is all about sharing secrets and growing as storytellers and encouraging each other in sisterhood. Last year was an urban adventure among Austin's food trucks and local shops, however this year is a rustic Hill Country retreat among Texas wildlife, live oaks and cactus, in cedar cabins along a limestone-lined river. Last year was about dressing to impress, this year is about connecting, creating, and conquering, getting back to basics and making supportive, successful friends who can help find your truest, most badass self.

Why the increase in price?

To celebrate our fifth and final year of TxSC, we wanted to go out on a high note! Instead of conference activities spread out all around Austin, we're gathering for an non-stop weekend in a retreat-style setting. All you have to do is get to Austin, and the rest is included in your registration: transportation to/from the Austin airport, all your meals, and a bunk to lay your head on at Camp Texlake (a Girl Scout Camp an hour outside of Austin in Hill Country). In addition, campers will get to meet and learn from five high-profile and inspiring keynote speakers (vs. one in years past) and choose relevant discussion groups.

What's included?

Registration includes shared lodging at Camp Texlake, which is a much beloved Girl Scout Camp with cabins, tents, and bunks, about an hour west of Austin. Staying at Camp Texlake is going to be super fun... and is required for all registered attendees. Once there, we've got all your meals (5) and snacks covered, plus a full day of keynote sessions (4) and your choice of intimate, interactive, informal workshops (9). Each attendee is also invited to Friday night's Create + Connect Party, Saturday night's Khaki Jamboree Party, and Sunday's Badge Ceremony Brunch. Plus more CAMP-themed activities, fun, and surprises!

How far is Camp Texlake from Austin?

Camp Texlake is about an hour northwest of Austin on Lake Travis. It's a 455-acre Girl Scout Camp with cabins (yes, they have electricity + restrooms!), modern dining hall, outdoor activity programs, campfire grounds, and much more. 

How do I get there?

Transportation to and from Camp Texlake on one of our shuttles is included with registration! If the timing of the shuttles doesn't work with your flight, you can also drive, carpool, or hire a car service, like Uber. Speaker and staff shuttle will pick up on Thursday at ABIA at 3pm, for everyone else, it will pick up at ABIA on Friday at 3pm. It will arrive back at ABIA on Sunday by 3pm, we hope. 

Where should I stay?

For liability reasons -- and to make sure everyone gets the most out of the Camp experience -- we require that all registered attendees stay on site with us at Camp Texlake, a 455-acre Girl Scout Camp about an hour west from Austin. The Camp sleeps up to 273 people comfortably with several options available, depending on your preference of price, preferred camping experience, & how many friends you want to bunk together with while at CAMP. There are two dorm style houses and four big log cabins with heat, AC, electricity, shared bathrooms, and other modern amenities, plus additional screened-in cabins, elevated cabin "treehouses", and platform tents with shared bathhouses, BBQs, and Campfire Circles. If you absolutely cannot stay on-site, please talk to us about this before you register. Some exceptions (baby at home?) can be made.

What should I bring?

Our official packing list is here. We are staying at a rustic campground in Hill Country. Off the bat, we know you'll need flat shoes, business cards (at least 100), an outfit for our Khaki Cool Jamboree party on Saturday night (the challenge: can we make khaki look cool?), casual clothes, and something to sleep in. 

What should I NOT bring?

High heels (seriously, they're not allowed by Camp Texlake rules), cigarettes, alcohol, and other substances. Bring your best, most positive you for a fun, inclusive, memorable, and inspiring weekend like none other!

What should I wear?

We're going to sleep-away camp, so keep it casual! Think Troop Beverly Hills at your most dressy (all hail Phyllis Nefler) but really. Come comfortable. Comfy, active-appropriate gear and clothing are a must. Flat shoes only -- high heels aren't allowed at Camp Texlake by the rules! -- and you'll want to bring something khaki for the big Saturday night party. Print out our packing list for a thorough checklist of what to bring with you to TxSC Camp.

Can my husband / boyfriend / significant other come?

We would prefer if your male partner stayed at home, unless he is accompanying you, with his own full registration, on behalf of a small business or brand that you run together. Since TxSC is being held at a Girl Scout Camp, we have to abide by their rules, and any men attending our the event will have to sleep in a separate boys-only cabin, anyway! There are 10 bunks available in the male STANDARD cabin, so please contact us before registering your man. Please note: all of our programming, as it has been since year one, is female-centric. 

Can my kids come? What about my nursing baby?

If you are still nursing a child under one year and need to bring your little one with you, we can try our best to make special accommodations for you. Otherwise, children are not allowed at Camp Texlake during retreats for liability reasons. If your spouse/partner and/or children must travel with you to Texas from out of town, we can help you find nearby accommodation for them offsite. We suggest nearby Lago Vista or Lakeway, as most Austin hotels are further away and will likely be booked due to SXSW Music.

Please know that our cabins and bathrooms are shared, communal spaces with limited space. If you're willing to buy out / share an entire GLAMP room and / or everyone in the room is okay with the baby (or babies) and you can bring your own bed for the baby, this is a possibility. Staffers Indiana and Linda will have their babies, so we would love to help you figure this out. Contact us to discuss! 

We will have fridges and ice available if you need to pump and store. 

Are meals included? Will dietary restrictions be considered?

Yes! All five of your main meals at our Camp Mess Hall are included in your registration price. We are trying our best to incorporate both a vegetarian and gluten-free option into the meal plans with our caterers.

Can I bring alcohol?

We're a dry event this year! Since TxSC is being held at a Girl Scout Camp, we have to abide by their rules, and there is no alcohol, no cigarettes, and no other controlled substances allowed on camp grounds. We'll be having so much fun you won't even notice!

Is there running water, electricity... wifi?

We're not completely wilderness women, you know. Each cabin (Glamping, Standard, and Standard+ levels) has heat, AC, and electricity in the building, and the options are all screened-in platform tents with easy access to shared but separate bath houses. Limited WiFi coverage is available but is not dependable, and is not in all buildings at all times. All the bathrooms have running water and electricity. See our lodging options page for more details.

What is the schedule for the weekend?

The schedule is here

How do I book a cabin/tent with friends?

From our lodging options, make sure you're all choosing the same "level" and option for "sleeper vs. talker". Then in your notes, please list their names. We'll do our best to honor your requests, but in true Scout Camp fashion, some of the fun is accepting your assigned bunk and meeting new people!

Can I volunteer?

Most of our volunteer spots were filled by our hard working returning, veteran volunteer corp. We do have a few volunteer spots left on our create + restore team (set up, tear down, and cleaning). Email us for details. Volunteers must be available from Thursday, 10 am through Sunday, 7 pm in order to receive a discounted ticket. 

Can I come on behalf of a brand/with sponsorship?

Campers are welcome to work with a brand to help them get to TxSC, but the distribution of unwanted materials from one individual to any other individual is prohibited. The distribution of leaflets, discount or gift cards, information packets, and gifting is a privilege and premium reserved for our official sponsors. If becoming an official sponsor interests you, please get in touch. We have a whole page dedicated to our guidelines for self-promotion.

Can I come if I'm not a blogger?

YES! Please do! This is an all-inclusive event for any woman with an online presence, be she social media enthusiast, blogger, brand manager, community relations person, traditional media, etc. The more the merrier and the better the discussions!